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Martine Rothblatt

Martine Aliana Rothblatt (born Martin Rothblatt) is an American lawyer, author, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and Chief executive officer of United Therapeutics and the highest-paid female executive in the United States. She is also the creator of GeoStar and Sirius Radio. In 2004, Rothblatt launched the Terasem Movement, a transhumanist religion focused on promoting joy, diversity, and the prospect of technological immortality via mind uploading and geoethical nanotechnology. BINA48 is a humanoid robot, consisting of a bust-like head and shoulders mounted on a frame, developed by Hanson Robotics and released in 2010. It was modeled after Rothblatt's wife through more than one hundred hours in compiling her memories, feelings, and beliefs and is said to be able to have conversations with humans.

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Martine Rothblatt

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